Openings for QC Specialist in Dubai and Regulatory affairs associate manager in Pfizer.

Openings for QC Specialist in Dubai and Regulatory affairs associate manager in Pfizer.

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About Pfizer : 

One of the major contributor of medicines globally ranking in top 10 pharma companies. The industry equipped with more than 1500 scientists with more than 5 million testing labs globally and over 36 clinical trials before the first perception. In the area of biotechnological medicine  with 25000 clinical researchers testing every day world wide. 
The company has located its head quarters in New York with the rank 57 in fortune 500 companies, founded in 1849, which is 170 years ago. Form have joint ventures with GSK and Mylan for improving the quality of medicines.
Large portfolio including branded and generics with products listed from A to Z. Applies rare diseases research to unveil the new therapy treatment, more than 30 million people in USA and 350 million globally uses the medicines for rare disease treatments. Several hematological and neurological rare disease therapies are in research phase. Gene therapy is one of the promising and rapidly developing portfolio in the companies profile, placing genetically corrected copies to patients cells. Having collaboration with Spark  therapeutics and investigating SPK-9001. As a snapshot  35 projects are in Phase 1, 34 are being in phase 2, 23 in phase 3, 9 went for registration with a total of 101 (metrics as of July 2019)  
Constantly providing medicines in the areas of Hospital (anti infectives), oncology, anti inflammatory, oncology, rare diseases, biosimilars, vaccines and new molecular entities.

About the Job:

Regulatory affairs - associate Manager 

Location : Chennai

Experience: 3+ Years of experience 

Job Role: 

Add to the fulfillment of intricate tasks, deal with own chance to meet concurred targets and foster designs for work exercises in own undertakings inside a group.

Give contribution to the pertinent partners for the improvement of items in-accordance with business targets, guaranteeing systems are enough reflected in significant nation plans {e.g., business advancement or assembling supply) and arrangement is accomplished between administrative exercises and applicable nation business/business plans.

Support Administrative Issues bunch advancement and keep up with interior administrative data sets, following and report the board frameworks.

Give administrative contributions to the endorsement of limited time materials following relevant administrative necessity, Pfizer strategies, techniques, and practices.

Audit specialized strong data for accommodation to help change.

Guarantee consistence and consistency of item marks with neighborhood prerequisites.

Address the administrative group at cross-useful group gatherings, where required.

Heighten any issues or worries inside the practical line or potentially significant authority for settlement.

Guarantee appointed activities of assembling/bundling site are endorsed on concurred course of events and intently speak with site/Operations to guarantee smooth of supply.

Regulate and deal with the culmination of clinical preliminary applications.

Upholds Question and responsibility the executives in coordinated effort important partners.

Keep up with licenses in consistence with nearby guidelines by guaranteeing that corporate administrative cycles, Standard Working Methodology (SOPs) and frameworks are set up, and that staff are prepared in these frameworks and systems.

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QC Specialist in Dubai. 

Urgently looking for a QC Specialist for a Pharmaceutical (Manufacturing) company in Dubai.


Minimum 7 - 10 years of similar experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry is a must.

Qualification: Bachelor’s / Master’s in Science

Understanding of manufacturing processes and quality systems elements.

Leadership, Problem Solving Skills.

Good communication skills.

UAE experience is mandatory. Interested applicants can send CV to [email protected]