Openings in Jubilant life sciences for Trainee Chemist

Openings in Jubilant life sciences for Trainee Chemist

 About the Company:

Jubilant Pharma Restricted is a worldwide incorporated drug organization offering many items and administrations to its clients across geologies. We sort out our business into two sections, specifically, Specialty Drugs, involving Radiopharmaceuticals (counting Radio drug stores), Agreement Assembling of Clean Injectable, Non-sterile and Sensitivity Treatment Items, and Generics and APIs, containing Strong Dose Plans and Dynamic Drug Fixings.

Joyous Generics (JGL) is an entirely - possessed auxiliary of Cheerful Pharma. JGL in India has Exploration and Advancement units at Noida and Mysore. It has two assembling offices one at Mysore, Karnataka and one more at Roorkee, Uttarakhand, took part in APIs and Measurements producing, separately.

The assembling area at Mysore is spread more than 69 sections of land and it's a USFDA endorsed site participated in assembling of APIs, and takes special care of the deals around the world. Programming interface portfolio focusses on Way of life driven Remedial Regions (CVS, CNS) and targets complex and recently endorsed particles. The organization is the market chief in four APIs and is among the best three players for one more three APIs in its portfolio assisting it with keeping a high commitment edge. The assembling area at Roorkee, Uttarakhand is cutting edge office and is inspected and supported by USFDA, Japan PMDA, UK MHRA, TGA, WHO and Brazil ANVISA. This business focusses on B2B model for EU, Canada and developing business sectors.

Both assembling units are in reverse coordinated and are upheld by around 500 innovative work experts based at Noida and Mysore. Research and development deals with Advancement of new items in Programming interface, Strong Measurements Details of Oral Strong, Clean Injectable, Semi-Solids Balms, Creams and Fluids. All BA/BE studies are finished In house at our 80 Bed office which is examined and having endorsements/confirmations from The Medications Regulator General (India) and has worldwide administrative certifications including USFDA, EMEA, ANVISA (Brazil), INFRAMED (Portugal Authority), NPRA(Malaysia), AGES MEA (Austria) for GCP and NABL, CAP licenses for Way lab administrations.

JGL's undeniable Administrative Undertakings and IPR experts guarantees remarkable arrangement of licenses and item filings in administrative and non-administrative market.

Income of Happy Pharma is continually expanding and during the Monetary Year 2018 - 19 it was INR 53,240 Million when contrasted with INR 39,950 Million during the Monetary Year 2017-18.

About the Job:

Key Responsibility’s Include:

Intermediate/Clean room/SRP:

Producing Intermediates/API/Solvent Recovery according to pre-approved instructions and to record the same in respective BPR/documents.
To perform the cleaning activity as per the procedure and to record the same in respective BCR/documents.
Maintaining the Intermediate/Pharma/SRP and equipment clean and well appropriately disinfected.
To ensure that the respective equipment is calibrated
Maintaining the respective equipment /Area in clean condition.
Online updating of equipment status boards w.r.t to equipment status.
Identifying /Labelling of accessories (e.g. Scoop /Scrapper/Hose pipe/Filter bags/ AHU filters / micron filter cartridges) and storing the same in designated place.
Identify the abnormalities associated risk and objectives by cross verifying the interlocks in equipment.
To ensure the availability of utilities and to maintain the same by requesting utility department whenever required.
Material Handling:

Receiving the raw material from the stores and storage of raw materials in the designated place
Identification and storage of intermediates/ API’s in the designated place.
Maintaining the RM/ intermediate/ rejected material storage area clean and when appropriate disinfected.
To maintain the accessories per respective SOP.

To indent, receive and issue the required documents with in timeline according to pre-approved instructions.
To ensure that documents being recorded contemporaneously.
To ensure the records are updating contemporaneously and to facilitate the required documents.
To ensure the availability of calibration documents where ever required.
To ensure that those documents are completed and signed.
To ensure the online entries of status board, log books and daily updating documents.
To ensure the accessories are properly maintained/ destructed as per the respective SOP and it is properly documented.
To submit the completed documents with in the timeline as per respective SOP
Experience: 1 to 5 Years of relevant experience from API industry only

Education Qualification: Degree in Science / Graduate Engineers - Chemical/Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Chemistry/Chemical/PCM/Bio-Chemistry)