Openings in Dr Reddy's for Analytical Expert in OSD


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About the Company : 

The company founded by Dr. Anji Reddy in 1984 with the head quarters in Hyderabad, Telangana. Firm has 190 medications available and 60 active ingredients  for various diseases and ailments.
This is one the Indian pharma giant having approvals of USFDA, with markets in US, Neatherlands and Europe.  Several generic medications like atorvastatin anti sterility and anti-cholesterol. Company has units internationally in Russia and middle east.
Dr Reddys foundation established in 1992 to do research in the various areas of drugs. Currently focusing on Anti cancerous, anti diabetic and cardiovascular drugs.
The company equipped with more than 20000 employees and believes that in a slogan Good health cant wait. Company is having dynamic capabilities in the more complex pharmaceutical ingredients – novel amorphous forms and crystalline forms, semi-synthetic APIs, chirals, prostaglandins, peptides, carbohydrates and nano-particle based products.

About the Job 

Experience : 12-15  years 

Location : Hyderabad 

Role and expertise : 

Required to have basic understanding in various techniques like DSC,TGA,DVS, BET, IR, Raman, PXRD

People to design plan and execute drug product development EC have sound understanding on chemistry in predicting the product degradation due to interaction between exceedance and drug substance,

Coordinate with interactional stakeholders to ensure the smooth execution of projects

Required to have good understanding and evaluate the orthogonal techniques to investigate and resolve the problems

Responsible for safe practise and handling chemicals in analytical laboratory and conduct periodical training

Co ordinate with internal external stakeholders in handling the Nitrosoamine Impurities and other genotoxic information

Required to have good understanding in Nitrosoamines gene toxic impurities by using By using LCMS HRMS GCMS technique

Experience in handling ELSD, MALLS, CAD,  GPC, IC is required